500 Internal server error while taking test with 300 users

We have faced few issues while taking test about 300 users and faced issues like test getting hanged and for some users getting 500 error while clicking next button. And also attaching log file below, Please check and let us know where we are going wrong.


  • Without more information it's hard to tell the cause, the error is showing a file/directory is not found. Is your system powerful enough to serve 300 users at a time? Youo ould perform a load test to determine this.

  • I have performed 400+ users load test in jmeter which went smoothly. But when i went to real test for 300 users at end of test about one minute to end exam it was thrown 500 error. For taking 500 + user test at real time what server configuration we need to maintain. Where i am using amazon EC2 instance with c4.2xlarge (8 CPUs 16GB RAM) configuration. Please help me in this to go 500+ users at a time.

  • Have you enabled additional logging to try to find the source of the issue? Does the file iit can't find exist? Is the load on the server spiiking?

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