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Dear TAO- Team,
when exporting results from the back office, information about the time that a testtaker needed to work on the item is lost. Let s say a testtaker took 1:34 min to work on an item. In the exported csv-file only the seconds are noted (--> duration = 34.0000 s). Is there a solution about this problem yet?
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  • You would need to convert the seconds

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    Dear TAO-Team,
    are we talking about the same issue? In my opinion there is nothing I could convert. If I am checking the results in the TAO BackOffice, time that a testtaker spent with a specific item is given as follows: "PT3M17.402604S". When converting the results into a table, it says the duration was "17.402604". Or do I just not get it?
    Best regards

  • Can you provide the whole line from the CSV?

  • I attached the txt-file (csv did not work) and a screenshot of the back office result section

  • There will be a fix for this in the next release so that the CVS reflects in seconds what is in the interface

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