Custom test taker fields in REST API

Version: TAO 3.3.0-RC02

I can create test takers using the /taoTestTaker/api/testTakers REST api but I'm unable to populate any custom defined fields from the schema of the class. I've tried passing the parameters using the field name, the fully qualified RDF (ex http://hostname/tao/taoapp.rdf#i15746201006725193) and just the id (ex i15746201006725193).

Below is an example of what I would like to achieve. I would like to populate a custom field called "school" with the name of the school (ex "my school").


The above example does not work. What is the correct way to achieve this?


  • I'll copy this question to Developers to see if it gets any traction there.

  • For Security, incoming fields are limited to:
    login, password, userLanguage, defaultLanguage, firstName, lastName, mail

  • Thanks for the feedback! How can one update some custom field values via the REST api?

  • You would probably need to trry an import or change the API

  • Thanks! I'll take a look at modifying the API. Can you point me to the file that would need editing please?

  • Thanks for the tip. Is there any way to trigger a csv upload programatically ?

  • cron job?:)

  • I've figured out how to do a csv upload using the command line. However, it doesn't accept custom fields still. There must be something special going on in the gui when it asks the user to map the csv fields to the class fields.

  • The API is limited to the fields given earlier, the interface works separately.

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