Spellcheck and continuous saving

The examinees should enter a longer text in the item "Extended Text". Is there a possibility for TAO to automatically buffer every 30 seconds?
Is there an additional possibility to activate a spellcheck in the item "Extended Text"?

Thank you very much for the feedback.


  • Those features do not currently exist in TAO, as always contributions are welcome.

  • Is an implementation in the item "Extended Text" of the automatic buffering planned in TAO in the near future or how could the implementation of automatic buffering be accelerated?

  • Hey Retobuchmann,

    I actually had the same issue and developed a solution by creating a plugin. The plugin works by calling the 'jump' api (but it jumps to the same question the user is currently on), and since the jump call invokes an item submission it saves the data the user has added. For the end user this looks like the page 'refreshing'. I have it set to a timer every 5 minutes. I also created a second plug-in that creates a 'save' button that a user can hit at any time to trigger the same 'jump. It's not ideal but it gets the job done. It only works for non-linear tests I believe (otherwise you wouldn't be able to 'jump' to a question you've already submitted.) Let me know if this is something you're interested in and I can share it with you!


  • Will,

    These would be great to contribute back to the community! If you'd like to let me know and I'll see the best way to get them included.



  • Hi Amy,

    I've thrown them on github here. They're super simple at this point but get the job done for my need. Not sure how "deployable" they are to others, but if they help others solve a problem happy for them to get around!


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