hello when i configuring deliveryExecution to redis i get errtor 500
i did it as i read in documentation

please help me


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    Quick and ugly hack, you can fix it by editing :


         * @return common_persistence_KeyValuePersistence
        protected function getPersistence()
            if (is_null($this->persistence)) {
                $persistenceOption = $this->getOption(self::OPTION_PERSISTENCE);
                $persistenceOption = 'keyValueResult'; //@todo fix this: temporary hack, otherwise we will get following error :    
                $this->persistence = (is_object($persistenceOption))
                    ? $persistenceOption
                    : $this->getServiceLocator()->get(\common_persistence_Manager::SERVICE_ID)->getPersistenceById($persistenceOption);
            return $this->persistence;

    And add new config :


            'keyValueResult' => array(
                'driver' => 'phpredis',
                'host' => '',
                'port' => 6379
  • If your redis persistence is called keyValueResult, then you need to change your config/taoDelivery/execution_service.conf.php to

    return new oat\taoDelivery\model\execution\implementation\KeyValueService([
        'persistence' => 'keyValueResult'

    The double array on the original page is incorrect

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