Tao git installation of latest release

Has anyone who installed TAO through git installation (possibly latest release) willing to share their notes on installation procedures?

I tried doing a git install using Ubutu 16.04 in a Virtualbox VM and encountered difficulties that prevented me from doing it successfully.

All help and assistance extended is greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi rcsampang,

    Unfortunately, we can share the same experience. After cloning (git clone and executing the PHP composer, we get a 'A fatal error occured during installation' message. I haven't found any usable (not out of date or confusing) documentation yet.

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  • Installing via Browser results in a never ending requirements check.

  • Hi there,

    If the installation page hangs, there's usually a configuration error you can deduce from the Network tab in your browsers Developer tools (e.g. Chrome). Any uncaught exceptions listed there?



  • I still haven't figured out which branch version is the most stable when installing TAO using git. I tried dev-master and dev-develop but I ended up with exceptions for taoQtiItem which I couldn't solve. The truth is I don't know where to find/read the exception. Anyone?

  • I haven't tried directly from GitHub, but I'm having reasonable success with Docker using this repo: (this is my fork, with some non-critical edits). Unfortunately this uses the released zip file instead of GitHub, but I'm able to complete the web-based install, log in, and use all of the admin interface. Unfortunately, I'm hitting this problem when trying to take a test:

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