TAO consuming a lot of inodes

I'm using TAO 3.2

I have problem with tao which is consuming a lot of inodes in this path:


How to clear this? Is it safe to delete all files in it? Thanks.


  • Content in /home/reqt/public_html/data/generis/cache is safe to clear out. You may also want to consider upgrading your TAO version.

  • How about /home/reqt/public_html/data/generis/serviceState
    Is it safe to clear this too?

  • Hi @amy can you confirm again. Is it safe to clear all files in


    Thank you.

  • Cache can be deleted, serviceState can be cleared out only if all tests are closed and a new campaign is being started

  • How about maintenance folder?


  • That directory can not be deleted. Keep in mind even after you clear space you may need to reboot or fsck to get the inodes back depending on your OS

  • Ok, noted. Thank you.

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