How to perform a Backup?

Hi everyone,

i would like to know, how to perform a backup of a complete TAO system properly.
The Background is, that a customer asked me if there is an emergency-scenario in case of a complete server failure.
As far as i have understood, backing up the Database is not sufficient. The Data Folder must be backed up regularly as well.
Does someone know, if there is a complete written guide somewhere around which could be useful to grab?

Thank you very much,



  • Hello Patrick. Did you find out? Any help is appreciated.

  • This howto: tells you to copy data and config folders and the database when migrating - which would be kind of the same thing as installing a backup.

    But I would suggest that you take a backup of the whole tao-folder - then you would just copy the database and the whole tao-folder back to the same folder on the server if you wanted to install the backup. It would keep the exact same setup (the same version of the extensions etc.).

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