Errors after complicated update

I wanted to update the outcomeui-extension to get correct duration times. With a lot of help from Anshul Sharma I got to a point where I now have a running sprint 125 server.
The problem was that updating from my running TAO3.3 RC2 went bad each time I tried - and I tried in many ways! I also tried to install a new version from github, but I ended up without an index.php or .htaccess file and many other problems.

In the end I succeeded by downloading and unzipping TAO3.3 RC2 and then - without installing it - directly composer update the alpha 0.125.3 composer.json, and then install.

Next problem was to get my data over to the new install. I followed this howto:, but no matter what I did, I ended up with an error 500 or similar.

Then instead of moving both config and data, I only moved data, and then updated the config files mentioned in the howto. And the server actually accepted this, I could see the list of items and results - but when I wanted to preview an item or see a result, I got an error. I cannot say which, because I was stupid enough to change language from en-US to da-DK in generis config - and then I got an error 500 again.

The debug says

Property ( ) of resource ( ) has more than one value do not use getUniquePropertyValue but use getPropertyValue instead

I think the errors when I wanted to view the items and results were similar.

My guess is that I need to set a seeding value somewhere - maybe in many places? And then I need to delete the wrong records in the database.

Am I correct? And which files should I change? And which records should I delete?

I am on a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server with apache and php 7.2.

THANK you for your help!

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