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I am really new to tao (just installed it for the first time an hour ago). I am wondering if there is any way in tao to offer a solution explorer interface after the test. I.e after the exam is over, show each question, show the selected answer, show the right answer and offer an explanation. I see a feedback option on each question, but that cant show images in explanation and so on. Please let me know.


  • edited May 2020
    You need to download and install this extension ltiTestReview.
  • Thanks I will try it

  • I tried to install it and it is diving me the following error

    500: Installed version of tao 27.1.4 does not satisfy required >=38.6.0 for ltiTestReview

    I am using the latest version of tao 3.3.0 rc02. Any idea on how to fix this?

  • The minimum tag version in ItiTestReview manifest (going back multiple tags in git) is 37.. . I am wondering if I am doing something really stupid. Is there anyway to update tao to 38... May be my assumption that I am using latest tao is somehow broken ( I am sure that the version installed is 3.3..)

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