ltiTestReview version issue


[note this question was partially asked in another chain, but I did not get any reply].

I am trying to use the ltiTestReview plugin. The problem is that it shows the following error:

** 500: Installed version of tao 27.1.4 does not satisfy required >=38.6.0 for ltiTestReview**

I am using the latest version of tao 3.3.0 RC02. I tried to see if there are any updates, but couldnt find any. I also tried to see if "ltiTestReview" has a version compatible with tao 27.1.4 and I could not find any.

I am really new to tao. Am I missing something? If now is there any update I am supposed to do. Any help is appreciated.



  • I had similar problems with an update of an extension and got similar error messages. Unfortunately I didn't manage to solve the problem - I couldn't update from tao 27.1.4 to a newer version.
    When asking in this forum, I just got the answer that update to the next version of TAO is not yet supported:

    TAO consists of a number of extensions - each with it's own version number. tao is the core extension (together with generis). In the released stable TAO3.3.0RC02, the version of tao is 27.1.4. The newest version is 40-something. The problem is that to update the other extensions, you typically need to also update tao - and that is where I got stuck each time... and I have tried a lot of things both on my server and locally.

  • Thanks Jeppebundsgaard ... I cant even find updates above 27. May be its not available for community version.

    I decided to switch to moodle as this feature is extremely important for me.

  • You can install ltiTestReview, if you install tao directloy from tao github.

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