Users cant login


The TAO platform is having some problem with user logins (and this includes the Global Manager account and even guest login)

How de page looks after a successfull login:

Can someone help me solve this problem ?


  • Hello!

    Which version of TAO did you exactly use? I wouldn't expect the TAO login to break after it is freshly installed.

    'You currently have no access to the platform' is only a top level error message and doesn't help much. Did you activate TAO logs so that you can dig in further on the underlying issue?

  • Hello! I'm using TAO_3.3.0-RC2_build and PHP 7.2
    I'll be activating the TAO Logs as soon as I'm able to.

    The thing is, the only real thing I'm worried about is salvaging the Items/questions created in the platform. I tried following this article on Server Migration, and it partially worked, as the Items/questions created on the old server did not appear on the new one.

    I do have the contents of the tao data folder (as well as the remaining folders on www/tao), with the items, qti XML, images and style folder of the questions. Is there a way that I can package this info so I can do an import on a fresh install of TAO?

  • Just activate TAO logs and come back with the outcome. Thank you.

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