Sudden 404 Error after months of successful operation

I have TAO installed on a 3rd party hosing site (Linux based) and running PHP 7.2. I created this installation some months ago, have created content and assessed over 100 students. Everything has been fine until I tried to log in a day or so ago and got the 404 error (The requested URL /tao/Main/login was not found on this server). I've checked with the hosting site - the logs show nothing has been tampered with. A corrupt .htaccess file perhaps? The root .htaccess seems okay when I view it. Anyhow, if anyone has any suggestions I'd be very grateful - Even though I've previously downloaded much of the data it would take some hours to recreate the content.


  • What do you have in TAO logs (and not the server logs)?

  • Hmm... After a few days of panic, the site has mysteriously restored itself. Still no idea about what happened. Tried to access from different computers using different browsers, but now it is back up and functional again. Still, happy to hear your thoughts if anyone has an idea!

  • Next time, don't forget to activate TAO logs, so that you will know exactly what happened. ;-)

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