[Solved] Max Attempts (Item Session Control)

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STill on the multiple item attempt of interaction. Below are the screenshots of how set the various properties of the Test but I still have the issue of max attempt reached as also indicated in one of the screenshots, Pls what I am now doing right.Am behind schedule in deployment the software. Thanks for your help


  • Settings look OK, you did create a new delivery for this test, correct?
    Could you please export the test to QTI and post it here, or try it out on the public sandbox environment?



  • I did new delivery but I still have the same issue.Attached is the QTI of the test. Thanks

  • I think I found your issue: the submission mode was set to simultaneous, set it to individual and it should work fine. As stated in the QTI documentation: "By definition the candidate can take one and only one attempt at each item and feedback cannot be seen during the test."



  • So grateful for the wonderful support, am okay now.


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