Writing custom extensions for Tao 3.1

I've just started investigating how to write custom extensions using the PCI standard for Tao 3.1.

I've read this:

article, and I decided that a good start would be to try importing a custom extension from this repository.

Hence I decided to try to import the 'likertInteraction' into Tao 3.1 on my local Windows machine:

I zipped all the files in this location, and when I try to upload this zip file in Tao I get this error:

[common_Exception] missing required attribute in the manifest pciCreator.json : "icon"

Within this JSON file, the 'creator.icon' entry has the value './creator/img/icon.svg', and this directory is included in the ZIP so I dont see why this is failing.

Is this an error with the code in this repository or am I doing something wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am just getting started with QTI and PCI.

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