REST API - where to get user inputs


I am new to Tao Testing. I have stuck below.

Environment using
WAMP Server
Windows 10

Version using
Community edition
Intalled manually in MySQL

1. I am trying to use REST API.
2. APIs required different user inputs such as 'test taker's id', 'delivery id' etc.
3. Wish to display the result in HTML format.

Where do I find the user input details such as 'test taker's id', 'delivery id' etc.?

Please help me to find the solution.

Regards & Thanks.


  • If you look at the test-taker delivery you will see the resource identifier

  • Hi amy.

    Do you mean Tests, Test-takers. Deliveries menu options in the logged in user panel? If this is so then I found it.

    1. I have created 2 test-takers.
    2. I have created 1 Test and named it 'PHP'.
    3. I have created 1 delivery and named it 'PHP'.
    4. I am trying to make the test PHP published under destination PHP (coming from deliveries), but getting the error QTI Test "PHP" publishing failed..

    I need help to understand the logical relationship between these menus. Tell me in brief, if possible and also refer me from the documentation.

    Regards & Thanks.

  • You may want to use a different name then PHP as it is most likey reserved

  • I have changed PHP with Test 1. But still getting 404 error. Let me know how the URL look like.

    Am I need to send full URL like below?

    Or only the last part tao330.rdf#i1572001013217130?

    Give me a example URL of any REST API.

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