New Language 2

After adding my new language by create and compile, I don't see the language in the list of languages in the item section in the management interface. I see the lanugage in the users section though. I can see in the url


that the extension is taoItems but I ran the scripts on that extension among others. Is there something that I am missing?


  • To add the new locale in the list of user interface languages, run this command by replacing [TAO_USER], [TAO_PWD] and xx-XX respectively by your TAO super user login, password and target locale:

    sudo -u www-data php tao/scripts/taoRDFImport.php -v -n -u=[TAO_USER] -p=[TAO_PWD] -i tao/locales/xx-XX/lang.rdf

    This should give you such outcome:

    • Running tao/scripts/taoRDFImport.php
      Connecting to TAO as '[TAO_USER]' ...
      Connected to TAO as '[TAO_USER]'.
      Successfully imported 6 tripples
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