How to send email to test takers after creating a test?

After creating a test when I am delivering it to test takers, I want an automatic email to be sent to each test taker. Now I can see that I have the option to enter the email id of each test taker but still when I save the test, no emails are being sent to respective test takers. What am I missing or what should I need to look at to address this? Would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks.


  • Hi robosandy,

    (I don't know why this topic and same question appears a second time...)

    As this is a very specific feature you want to add into TAO, you will have to develop a new extension for that latter.

    A link that may be useful to you.


  • Hi robosandy,
    I think the easiest way for you to do this is to create a new extension and register listener events to the DeliveryExecutionCreated Event. I've done something similar in a number of my extensions to run processes when Items get created or updated.

    I don't think there's an example wiki page on how to do this, but the general pattern is:
    1. Create a service class that extends the 'ConfigurableService' interface. This is where you're going to be catching the event and then creating your email. We can call it DeliveryNotificationService.
    2. Make a method named 'NotifyUser(DeliveryExecutionCreation $event)' to do the heavy lifting.
    3. In the __invoke() method of your InstallAction script, register this service and the listeners.
    * $this->registerService(DeliveryNotificationService::SERVICE_ID, new DeliveryNotificationService());
    * $this->registerEvent(DeliveryExecutionCreated::class, [DeliveryNotification::SERVICE_ID, 'NotifyUser']);

    The registerEvent method is used heavily throughout TAO, so there are a bunch of examples you can build off of. I think the harder part may be using a PHP module to create and send an email.

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