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Hello everybody,

I've been running a TAO server for almost two years (Linode VPS, 4GB, 2 Cores). My test is relatively long, about 200 items. Overall, the system is performing well, but not always:

  1. If I want to see the results of a test taker, then it takes over 30 seconds for the detail results to be displayed. That is very annoying.
  2. If I want to export about 40 test taker results via "export table" into a csv file, it takes almost 15 minutes !! That's practically impossible to use.

I've already tried to optimize Apache and MySQL. However, without a significant effect.

Can anyone give me an assessment of whether this performance is "normal", or whether this can be increased?

Is there someone who could optimize the performance of my server for a fee?

Thanks for a feedback!


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    Hello Stephan,

    For a two-year old version I assume that you use TAO 3.0 or TAO 3.1 in the best case. Could you confirm us which version of TAO you use?
    Same for the LAMP stack (PHP and MySQL versions).

    If you have all services on the same Linode instance, I could not recommend less than your Linode 4G plan. I assume that you already tried to resize your Linode to a 8GB plan and thus didn't notice any improvement?

    Regarding use case 1), it is not really surprising and depends on the number of test-takers and the length of your test, which is quite long. Displaying results for one test-taker should be an exception, though.
    For the second use case 2), I suggest you not to rely on the Results section in the back-office. You should start working on exports made from the TAO database and tables where test delivery data is stored.

    For large scale database exports we prefer PostgreSQL over MySQL, with indexes added to speed up to process.

    Feel free to contact us if you need support.


  • Hello Cyril,

    thank you for your answer. I always kept my TAO system up to date. Currently version 3.3.0-sprint67 + 0 is installed. PHP 7.1 and MySQL 5.7.20.

    True, I also tried a larger Linode server (8GB). That brought no speed advantage. It seems like mysql is the limitation. During the page call, the top command displays 100% utilization by mysql.

    Do I understand you correctly that the long delay in the individual results of my test takers is quite normal? Currently I only have about 100 test takers in the database. Just the number of items is quite high.

    For my second problem: Is there anywhere a ready-made export script that writes the test results into a "normal" database that I can use and e.g. can call via cron-job?


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