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I have just installed the system and am trying to work with it. The on-line user guide is not helpful to me. For example, I cannot find the required information such as the format and field names for importing a CSV file into items. Is there a detailed user manual that I can download?


  • I think that I have finally figured some of this out. I have been able to create a test but am unwilling to try it as I don't want to mess up the results database (don't know if I can remove results). Still have an issue with the importing of existing tests. My problem is that I have 6 existing tests with 100 questions in each plus about 80 quizes with up to 30 questions each. I do not want to have to reenter these by hand. These tests and quizes all exist as Word documents. Most of them are multiple choice. This is the reason that I would like to have the format for uploading a CSV file. I assume that the first line of the file will have the necessary descriptions for the rest of the line items. For example, question type, question, answers selection, correct answer(s), time limit, required, skipable, etc. I would appreciate it if someone could please let me know where I can find this information.

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately, there is no out of the box import for CSV test or item. The actual format people are using varies greatly and while I know that some people are using something close to what you are describing, so far none of these have been contributed back to the open source community (as fart as I know).

    The CSV import that you see can be used to import meta-data on the items, in order to pregenerate empty items to plan your authoring and not to actually create the questions.

    Should you plan on working on this yourself, let me know, as this would be an interesting feature indeed we could support you.


  • This is most unfortunate. I note that there are other formats available, specifically QTI, APIP, and RDF. Will any of these allow me to do what I need to do? If so can you point me to a document that will tell me how to do it? I have no problem doing this in two or three steps, i.e. from Word to QTI and then from QTI to TAO or from Word to Excel then from Excel to QPIP and then from APIP to TAO (or whatever utility I need). I just need to be shown how to do this if it is possible.

  • I would suggest do go from Excel to QTI first, and then import the QTI test into Tao.

    The specification on how you can create a QTI item or test package can be found here:

    And this is a simple sample of a multiple choice question:

  • I believe that I may have found something (Respondus) that will help me upload all my questions into TAO. What I need to know is if TAO will support the import of "IMS QTI 1.2 files" in the import tests section. I understand that it supports version 2.1 but is it backward compatible?

  • Unfortunately Tao only supports MS QTI 2.1 and 2.2 files.

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